Founded in 1954,Telegraph Hill Dwellers (THD) is one of the oldest, largest, and most widely respected neighborhood organizations in the nation.


During its more than six decades of existence, THD has led the way to celebrate, beautify, and protect San Francisco’s most unique and historic neighborhoods. Without the hard work and support of THD volunteers and members, Telegraph Hill, North Beach and the Northeast Waterfront would be vastly different from the beloved and special places they are today.


Comprised of volunteers, each committee works to support THD's mission statement.


Current members are always welcome to attend meetings and join committees.


Please email hello@thd.org if you are interested in any of our committees.

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  • Communications

  • Membership

  • Oral History Project

  • Transportation

  • Parks & Trees

  • Planning & Zoning

  • Semaphore

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Boundary Area

Board of Directors


  • President

Al Fontes - president@thd.org

  • Vice President

Romalyn Schmaltz - romalyn.schmaltz@thd.org

  • Recording Secretary

Mary Lipian - mary.lipian@thd.org

  • Treasurer

Nick Ferris - nick.ferris@thd.org

  • Financial Secretary

Andy Katz - andy.katz@thd.org

  • Corresponding Secretary

Melissa Dong Mountain 

  • Historian

Nancy Shanahan - nancy.shanahan@thd.org

  • Editor of the Semaphore

Cap Caplan - semaphore@thd.org

  • Immediate Past President:

Stan Hayes - stan.hayes@thd.org




Term: 2021-2023

Term: 2020 - 2022​

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