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The following is the privacy policy that governs all online activity by the Telegraph Hill Dwellers. Please note that it is subject to revision as regulations and external conditions change.

What information we collect:

When you join or renew your membership online, we redirect your browser to the PayPal website, where you supply your payment and contact information. We use a similar process for collecting payments related to social events and occasionally, product purchases. Upon completion of a transaction, the information we receive from PayPal includes your name, address, email address, and phone number. We use that information to maintain our membership database. We do not receive any credit card information.

What we do with the information:

We use your contact information to send you communications, either by email or USPS, related to news and events pertinent to THD’s members. We also use it to contact you when it is time to renew your membership. We do not use your information for dissemination of commercial advertising or any other promotional purpose.

Who we share the information with:

Four times per year, we mail paper copies of The Semaphore to our members. As part of that process, we supply a list of names and addresses to our printing company, who prints them on the outgoing papers to be mailed. They do not keep that information. We do not share your personal information with any other organization.

How to correct your information:

If you need to update any personal information, such as name and/or address, please send an email to

How to opt out:

If your membership to THD expires, you will stop receiving email from us when the cancellation is complete. If you are still a member and would like to stop receiving email notices from us, please contact us at


Website Usage

All activity on the THD website is anonymous. We do not use any information about individual visitors to our website.


We use Wix, a web hosting and authoring service, for our website. That service relies on cookies to support their efforts to maintain and improve their infrastructure, which underlies the THD website. We do not supply any personal information to Wix, and THD does not access those cookies.

We use Google Analytics to analyze usage of our website. This allows us to know, for example, which pages are most popular. We receive this information in aggregate form only; we do not get information about any individual.

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