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Since 1954, the members of THD have worked together to celebrate, beautify, improve, and protect the unique and historic character of San Francisco's Telegraph Hill.

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Latest Hill News

New Board

Congratulations to the new Board and the continuing Board members. Here’s the new line up:

  • President: Vedica Puri
  • Vice- President: Stan Hayes
  • Recording Secretary: Mary Lipian
  • Corresponding Secretary: Andy Katz
  • Treasurer: John Reed
  • Financial Secretary: Tom Noyes
  • Historian: Nancy Shanahan
  • Semaphore Editor: Catherine Accardi
  • Past President: Jon Golinger

Directors – Term 2013-2015:

  • Amy Loewen
  • Mike Madrid
  • Judy Irving
  • Richard Zimmerman

Directors – Term 2014-2016:

  • Jen Haeusser
  • Julie Jaycox
  • Marilee Gaffney
  • Paul Webber

Warriors throw in the towel

YesonB_IconThe Golden State Warriors have, according an article on the Chronicle website, dropped Piers 30/32 as a site in favor of a location close to the AT&T Park. “The Warriors have shifted to a smarter alternative because the people, not just the politicians, became involved in the process. Passing Prop. B is the next step to ensure that every other waterfront developer understands that the voice of the voters matters,” said former SF Mayor Art Agnos.

This doesn’t mean, however, the fight over Prop. B is over. A well-funded front group for the Chamber of Commerce and developers called “the Alliance for Jobs and Sustainable Growth” has opened up a No on B campaign committee and is attacking Proposition B. The No on B forces are claiming “Proposition B means losing the chance to build vitally needed new housing for middle-income San Franciscans” and neglect to mention, even once, the real point of Prop. B.

Digital Flash Art Show

• When: May 10, 2014 @ 7:30pm
• Where: Canessa Gallery, 708 Montgomery
• Cost: $15.

For details see Art and Culture. You may register and pay using Paypal on the Art and Culture page.