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Since 1954, the members of THD have worked together to celebrate, beautify, improve, and protect the unique and historic character of San Francisco's Telegraph Hill.

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Walton Square

untitled-4323 Gary Kamiya’s “Portals of the Past” column in the Chronicle tells the history of what we now call Walton Square. It was known as Colombo Market and served as the City’s main produce center for many years. Compare this photo of the entry arch today vs the view in 1965 that is featured in the article.

Ides of March

devil's acre flyer MEMBERS colorYou can now pay for the Ides of March party on-line. Just follow the link below. If you prefer, you can send a check to THD, March Event, PO Box 330159, SF, 94133.
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Sunshine on Pier 27

20150129-3667The Port of San Francisco has been reluctant to make information about corporate events at Pier 27 available to the public. The Pier is, of course, a public building and information about activities there should be a matter of public record. The Waterfront Committee has obtained heretofore unavailable information by filing a Freedom of Information Act request. Read more and see the information received here.