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The Mission

Founded in 1954, the Telegraph Hill Dwellers (THD) is one of the oldest and most widely respected neighborhood organizations in the country. THD was originally formed by a group of concerned residents to protect the unique character of Telegraph Hill. In the past six decades the group has evolved into a civic organization dedicated to celebrating, beautifying and preserving Telegraph Hill and the adjacent North Beach and Northeast Waterfront neighborhoods. THD was instrumental in the establishment of the 40 foot height limit ordinance. Thanks to the support of THD members and dedicated volunteers, our neighborhood continues to be one of the most beloved and special places in San Francisco.

Related Committees

Planning & Zoning

  • Mary Lipian (Co-Chair)

  • Stan Hayes (Co-Chair)


  • Jon Golinger (Chair)

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Liaisons to Other Organizations

Coalition for San Francisco Neighborhoods

  • Delegate: Paul Weber

 Northeast Waterfront Advisory Group Member

  • Delegate: Jon Golinger

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