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COVID-19 Services

Senior Services

NEXTVillageSF – Support Services for Seniors

From Jacqueline Jones, Executive Director, NEXT Village SF:  

NEXT Village volunteers are offering to grocery shop and pick up prescriptions, and run other helpful errands. We also offer resource information for programs pertaining to seniors and persons with disabilities, and we are providing regular check-in phone calls to any senior who asks to make sure they hear a friendly voice and to see if they need anything.

Our email address is and our phone number is 415-888-2868. Volunteers can go to our website to register to help. As you might have heard us say, the Department of Aging forced us to charge people $120 to join, but we are waving that fee for now for our neighbors in need.”

NEXTVillageSF also has provided the following useful information:

Grocery Delivery 

This service is for people who need groceries (food, toilet paper, etc.) delivered to their door. You will need to create an account and sign in online, and we are happy to guide you through the process of setting up an account.

Medication Delivery

This service is for people who are unable to get their medicine in person. Some pharmacies will allow the patient to sign and date a letter and have a friend bring the letter in and pick up medicine on someone else’s behalf. Call your local pharmacy for more information.

Food Banks / Pantries

From Kathleen Courtney, Russian Hill Community Association:


The San Francisco/Marin Food Bank is committed to serving residents regardless of their immigration status.  They have a “Food Locator” tool on their web site that allows you to key in your zip code to locate weekly FREE groceries, monthly food boxes for seniors and one-time emergency food.

CalFresh is another way to stretch your food budget.  The assistance is provided for all US born children no matter where their parents were born.  More information at San Francisco residents call 415-549-7021 and Marin residents call 415-767-5220.

Free School Meals No identification or proof of school enrollment is necessary, but the child must be present.  The website gives the pick-up sites which are open 9 to 10 am Monday thru Friday.

General Services

Also from Kathleen Courtney, Russian Hill Community Association:


St. Anthony’s is the best resource in San Francisco – whether documented or non-documented – at Golden Gate and Jones in San Francisco. There are many services offered at no cost for documented and undocumented people including food, medical, rental assistance and more.  St. Anthony’s Dining Room is the only free food program open every day of the year. Their web site says “Until further notice, there will be no Dining Room meals served indoors. Meals will be distributed from the Dining Room entrance on Jones Street and/or Golden Gate Avenue. Meals will continue to be prepared fresh daily, but will be packaged in to-go containers for guests. Each guest will be limited to one pre-packaged meal.

St. Anthony’s Medical Clinic is at 150 Golden Gate Ave.  Because of the virus, there have been some changes in protocol with medical staff screening all people.  Over 30% of patients served at the clinic are children.

St. Anthony’s Resource Center provides information and counseling about rental assistance etc. David Montoya is the support person there.  His direct phone number is 415-592-2855 and invites people to call.


The San Francisco Day Labor Program can provide an opportunity for day jobs.  The address is 3358 Cesar Chavez in San Francisco and the Telephone number is 415-252-5375.


Alameda Social Services is another resource. Important news is: “Effective January 1, 2020, a new law in California gives full scope Medi-Cal to young adults aged 19-25 who qualify for Medi-Cal regardless of immigration status."

The website provides information on how to apply.

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